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        Hugenau in china

        Hugenau has grown to one of the leading companies in China Plate heat exchanger market with 15 service centers to provide you with "one-stop" service.


        Profound responsibility

        Today Hugenau applies productions in China ocean surveillance ship and fisheries administration ship,make us proudly declare: Hugenau heat exchanger and China will become strong and large together .


        Core Products

        Our flexible and diversified design can satisfy various demands of different clients. The scientific software design can provide highly-trusted scheme with maximum heat exchange efficiency and minimum costs to you within the minimum time span.

        Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger    

        Brazed PHE Specification    

        Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger    

        Gasket PHE Specification    

        Gasket PHE spares    

        Gasket range    

        Main Application

        No matter what industry you come from, optimize select each component is very important. Select the appropriate heat exchanger...MORE>>

        Food     Ships     Medicine     Air condition     Electric power     Steel metallurgy     Petroleum chemical     Machinery manufacturing    

        We always accompany your side

        When you start running the heat exchanger, our service does not stop, we provide spares for heat exchangers, for example plates, gasket, welded tubes, fin tubes. Heat exchanger maintain and repair...MORE>>

        When you are faced with a technology leader

        Flexible plate, rigorous modeling software, higher EI, let your heat exchanger different, each can save 15% of the cost.

        when customer service become a pleasure

        With a distinctive reset system, making a person can easily disassemble the system of heat exchanger ,reducing customer- service cost by 50% for you .

        Make it possible to pursue high-quality

        Therefore, products are rigorously tested and certified by laboratory, so that we can challenge the limits of product life, each heat exchanger allows you to add value by 22%.

        Excellent system services

        Specialized technical support from our sales engineers, one-stop shopping, shortening your procurement cycle, each heat exchanger for you to save 6%.


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