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        Our mission is to help you to achieve the optimum solution with regards to performance efficiency, payback and energy conservation, whatever the application.

        Optimal Design for Different Technologies

        1 High-efficient Diversion Areas

        To add values for clients has been our goal for all along and our products are intendedly developed for applications in industrial realms. Because of our attentiveness and more profound application of the uniquely-designed diversion areas, we can help you save R & D fees and win reputations.

        2 Ingenious Hanging Orientation System

        We specially stress to grow with our clients. The ingenious hanging orientation system makes it easier for bar sheets to hang in the guide rod to be locked. Moreover, it helps you timely and easily increase or change plates, improve productivity, cut down on space and save costs. Your development would be sparkling with more imaginations.

        3 Compact Design

        Reasonable lectotype design gives rise to smaller heat exchangers when you can develop compacter systems so that the transportation costs can be reduced, your products can be more pricing competitive and your green brands can be elevated.


        Higher Performance, Lower Environmental Impacts

        1Flexible and Diversified Plate Design

        Thanks to the flexible and diversified corrugation design of plates, HUAGENAU heat exchangers become the perfect match for the modern industry. Its plate corrugation can be adjusted to various demands of industrial products through accurate modification so as to overall improve the systematic efficiency.

        2 Improve Heat Exchanging Efficiency

        Improving performance and attracting more clients must be the goal you have been pursuing. Our high-efficient heat exchangers can help effectively improve the systematic performance to make it more energy-conservative with lower operation cost.

        3Unique Mucosity-free Gasket Design

        Unique mucosity-free gasket design can help fasten the rubber gasket within the plate sealed grove so that the field-based installation and exchanges would be swift and convenient that would sustainably add values in your products.




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