Developer benefits

June 10, 2019

In order to better communicate with developers, GameSkyfall opens the Facebook group and WeChat group. For the Facebook group, please search: Instant Game Reviews,

For Messenger Group: 

For the WeChat group please scan the QR code.

Group benefits:

1. The latest and most complete Facebook instant game data sharing, over 7700 (including the offline) games’ monthly data, trends, company profiles and a variety of ranks;

2. Facebook instant game professional data report sharing;

3. Industry dynamics, official policy updates in real time;

4. Peer exchange, complementary resources


为了更好的与广大开发者交流,GameSkyfall开设Facebook群组以及微信群组,Facebook群组请搜索: Instant Game Reviews,

Messenger 群组链接:



1. 最新最全的FB小游戏数据分享,总共7700+(包含已下线)的小游戏月活数据,变化趋势,所属公司概况以及各种角度各种姿势的排行榜;

2. FB小游戏的专业数据报告分享;

3. 行业动态,官方政策实时更新;

4. 同行交流,资源互补