A New Era of Instant Games

May 28, 2019

The Facebook game ushered in a major outbreak from December 2018 to January 2019, and the number of monthly activity users showed a very significant increase. The main force in this outbreak is the Trivia & Word games, which is also the beginning of the era of Trivia & Word games. However, after Facebook's platform policy adjustment, the Trivia & Word games will be suppressed, other categories will attract new vitality, and the spare market share is waiting for the new game to take over.

In the most popular game Top 100 on May 15th, the number of Trivia & Word games remained the highest, but due to policy pressures, the number of Trivia & Word games in Top100 decreased by 5 from the previous month. While the biggest increase in the number of list is the Action game.


Action games had an awful lot of force

On May 15th, 11 of the 17 listed Action games were new games published in 2019, including 4 games published in April this year. These new games were squeezed in the most popular games Top100 in just one month, it shows that its development momentum is very strong.


Veteran puzzle developers began to made to continue increasing power 

There are 10 puzzle games on the TOP100, only 3 games published in 2019, and the publish date is before April. And the publishers of all the puzzle games on the list are veteran publishers, which are published games in the early stage of Facebook instant game platform, including the big players like Big Player and Lotum one GmbH.


Simulation games have a powerful potential

The situation of the Simulation games is similar to Puzzle games. There are ten games on the list and these games are from veteran publishers, including the rich Simulation game developer GBN, Inc.

In addition to the old Simulation games, the new simulation games are also very eye-catching. In the new game published from April 15th to May 15th, although the total number of active games in the simulation game is not the highest among all game types, the average active number of the single game is the highest, reaching 145,250, indicating the quality of the Simulation game is relatively good.

Recently, Facebook updated the instant game SDK, and it is expected that after the reopening of the instant game review, there will be a new explosion, and the above types of games will become the main force in this outbreak.


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