Facebook Instant Game Report for May 2019

June 06, 2019

Recall the official action of instant games by Facebook recently.

Affected by the policy, the number of active users of Facebook games has dropped significantly.

Facebook games lost 230 million active users from May 1 to May 31. The loss of active users of Trivia & Word games is very serious. The reason is that Trivia & Word games will no longer be able to use the user's portfolio photo after the new platform policy. This is a serious blow to Trivia & Word games because these games are socially strong and share pictures as their main mode of spread. Statistic for 10 typical Trivia & Word games with shared nature were, these ten games lost 210 million active users in one month.



Action and Simulation games are in gaining momentum.

In the case where the Trivia & Word games are adjusted, the market share of each game category has also changed. Only two categories’ market share is declining, the market share of Trivia & Word games has dropped by 15%, and Board games have fallen by 0.02%. In addition, the market share of the other game categories has increased, and the fastest growing is the Action games, which rose by 4%, followed by simulation games and its market share increased by 2%.


Slots and Poker & Table games are not performing well in new games.

Although the review of the instant game is paused, 96 new games were launched in May. Facebook's platform rules are that instant games can be freely selected and released date only after they have been reviewed and approved. Therefore, many games that have been reviewed before review pause can still be released during the suspension. Among the newly released games in May, Action category has the highest number of active users and games. In contrast, the performance of Slots and Poker & Table is still very bleak. It seems that it is not a good time to develop these two game categories.


Facebook official support.

Facebook's instant games have been tough development in May, the officials have a unshirkable responsibility, but Facebook is not giving up the instant game, they are working hard for the better development of the instant game. First of all, Facebook affirmed the current good development of the game, saying that the game currently has more than 3 billion played, and a game community is building for instant game developers. The Facebook update game SDK also shows that the officials are actively preparing for a better game platform.

With the official support of Facebook, the instant game will be ushered in a new outbreak after the reopening of review. Before the outbreak, developers should be well prepared to keep abreast of market trends and seize the right development direction. 

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