The Rise and Fall of Facebook Action Games

May 23, 2019

Although there are a large number of action games, the number of active users is low.

As of May 1 this year, a total of 5,900 instant games were released on Facebook with a total of 18.4 billion active users. Among them, there are 1175 action games, occupied 20% of all Facebook instant games, but the number of active users is only 110 million, only 6% of the total active users. Since September last year, the market share of action games has been decreasing, and its proportion of active users shows a declining trend. In January of this year, the action category only has 5.11% market share, reaching a new low in history. 


Under the stable development environment, why the market share of Action games reduced?

So where is the market share of action games? In July last year, the market share of action games was 13.27%, which was the third of all game categories, which was almost the same as the TOP1 sports and Trivia & Word ranked in second. The sum of these three games’ active users is more than 50% of the market share.

However, in April 2019, Trivia & Word games outshine others with a market share of 70%, while action games were only 6.42% market share. It is speculated that the reduced market share of action games has been taken by Trivia & Word game. 

The old action game past its prime

-Last Knife

Last Knife is an action game with 3.2M active users, which is currently ranked 19th over the world and ranked first in the action category. Since it was launched on September 10 last year, it gained 8 million active users and came into the third place of the most popular game rank on the first day. In the period from September 2018 to January 2019, the development of action games is very slow, but Last Knife still maintained a relatively stable development, and successfully surpassed the Everwing which is the top1 of action games on September 22. But the active users of Last Knife have been declining since February of this year. 

- EverWing

Everwing is one of the starting games of the Facebook instant game platform. Currently, Everwing is NO.21 of Facebook instant games with 2.9 million active users, ranked second in the action category. In the initial stage of the instant game platform, this game occupied the first place in the most popular games rank for a long time. However, since July last year, the number of active users of Everwing has been declining. On September 10 this year, Everwing lost its championship status and it was overtaken by the JumpyJumpy which is a puzzle game.


The action games published in 2019 are performed better.

Identify the games published in 2019 are new games, games that published in 2018 are old games. Intercepting the date of April 1, 2019, from the perspective of total active users that the number of active users of old action games and new action games is very similar, the old game’s is 20,005,300, and the number of new games’ active users is 20,508,500. But the number of games is quite different, there are 834 old action games and only 341 new action games. With a similar total number of active users, but the number of old games is 2.4 times of new games’ number. 

In general, the performance of the new action games has better performance than old action games. Whether is it a harbinger of increasing of the action games or not, we are worth looking forward to.