H5 Instant Games' Ecology


The outbreak phase of H5 instant game is coming

In 2018, the H5 game ushered in a real outbreak. At this time, a large number of users, capital, products, and all aspects of the ecology are ready to support H5 instant game outbreak. The some famous platforms such as FB are open to developers, which means a new bounces of traffic is activated. 


Traffic distribution and platforms

There are several traffic platforms for developers. First of all is Wechat, second is social giants like Facebook, Google and Apple. And Super APP, local resources also a good choice for developers. On the whole, it is also an opportunity to develop H5 instant game for developers. 


Chinese market is more friendly

Take Facebook as an example. Some developers said that an instant game with DAU 3 million, the income is only $1,400 per day, and only 22 games with over 3 million DAU. This difference in magnitude is still quite large compared with Wechat in Chinese market, the develop environment of Facebook is not friendly as Wechat’s in China. The developer of Wechat instant game shows that an instant game in Wechat with DAU 3 million can get $4,400 per day.


Cross market development

The casual game publishing company represented by Voodoo has achieved success with purchasing traffic, which indicates that overseas casual games have entered the 2.0 era. The top of the global download list of ultra-light casual games is growing rapidly. Nowadays, super casual games (line drawing, pinball) are considered as independent categories, as same as the traditional casual games like match3, chess, puzzles. This model mainly relies on cross-promotion and purchase traffic to acquire users, and realize cash by advertisement, simply saying that it is low-buy and high-selling.

Voodoo has a title called "King of Super Casual Games". Its auditing standards and evaluation criteria are mainly to check the one day retention rate and 7days retention rate, the one day retention rate to reach 57%, and the 7 days retention rate above 20%. It can be considered a good product. But as long as this data is reached, can the game was successful in other markets? In fact, not necessarily, because entering a new market must consider the environment of new market, such as localization, some problems of settings and adaptation.



- There are two develop direction and trend.

First is the ultimate quality hardcore game. Big factory, high-budget production, famous IP, high investment, the next step is doing VR. But the investment and the risk are too high, ordinary companies can’t afford it.

The other is a casual and simple game. Users to play the game in their fragmentation time. But current problem is that a lot of products are not suitable for going oversea, they lack of localization, art style is not satisfied. And most of these play modes are plagiarism, lack of innovation elements, it is difficult to exceed prototype products.

- Forecasts for future trends: faster changes and shuffling.

Compared with last year, the instant game team is much less and the activity is also reduced. Purely plagiarized products are getting harder to purchase traffic in the market. These changes have forced everyone to do the multiplatform development, and keep the retention period better, meanwhile began to dig deeper into the direction of in-game purchase.

There are four main expectation for future trends.

1) The platforms open, and the vertical scene are activated. Bring new growth points, increase active retention and commercial income.

2) Multi-end parallelism, research and development methods changes under industrial optimization

3) Lightweight new companies: team and products. Traffic and revenue bonus trigger new resource allocation

4) The game is polarized. Mildly weak network, weak competition nature, another is medium and high quality IP, original quality.