Facebook Instant Game Report For March 2019


As of March this year, the Facebook Instant Game platform has developed for one year. Any developer can submit their own instant game products on the Facebook platform that the world's largest social platform with over 2 billion users. The attention on Facebook Instant Games has been increasing day by day.


Instant Game remains an increase in 2019Q1

Data as of 31 March(Q1) 2019 shows that the development of Facebook’s monthly active users is relatively flat, and the speed of Facebook Instant Game’s development has far exceeded the development speed of Facebook. In March 2019, the monthly active users of Facebook Instant Games have grown to 910.3 million.

The rapid development of Instant Games has a close relationship with the developers. Look at the numbers of Facebook Instant Game and the number of developers from July 2018 to March 2019, at the end of this period, the number of Instant Games was doubled compared with the beginning of this period.

It is inevitable because one developer can publish multiple games. Facebook verification of publishing Instant Game is very strict, first of all, it will verify the company's qualifications, it requires publishers to provide documents such as bank statement, and Facebook will check the adaptability of mobile phone, whether it has pornography, violence, politics, etc.

By the way, Facebook has the support policy of the new game, in the first 4 days of game release, Facebook will provide free traffic. “The retention rate of my game was over 20%, so I got the second traffic from Facebook. But the first traffic from Facebook, mostly from Tier3 and Tier4 countries. ” -- The developer of PUBG Quiz said.


Trivia & Word Game occupies more than half market share

In March, Trivia & Word category occupies 69% market share. Action category ranked in NO.2, it occupies 6.49% market share. But there are 8 categories’ market share is below 1%.

Since there exists a huge difference in the market share of each game category, the analysis of each game category’s development trend should be important. The variation on the proportion of monthly active users of each category in March. Trivia & word, Role Playing, MOBA, Poker&Table, Slots, Bingo, Card battle and Other category are in the increasing trend. MOBA, Other, and Poker&Table have the most obvious growth trends, and MOBA has increased by 38.12% in March.


MOBA might be the next hot category

Look at the most popular game chart and growing the fastest game charted by 31 March 2019, the top10 of the most popular game was dominated by Trivia & Word games. Most of the growing fastest game also Trivia & Word game, but the seventh is a MOBA game although the market share of MOBA games is only 0.51%. The player we visited said that the battle-type game had a high competitive nature and sociability, it is very attractive. In addition, in the growing fastest game-rank has two games that are very suitable for female players, Fronzen double date disaster(NO.9) and Princess Beauty Pageant(NO.10). Although these two games are in different categories, the gameplay is very similar. They are all changing looks for the role in the game.


Popular game top10 in two social giants

Corresponding to the above analysis, there is still a high potential for the development of Facebook Instant Games. But compared with the data onto WeChat Instant Game in March, the categories of Instant Game Top10 are quite different, it is due to the policies and operating modes of these two social giants, and different culture background of their users.

Data by GameSkyfall.